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As well as our main session talks, we have our seminar sessions on the Saturday. We have 2 blocks of on-site seminar sessions which cover 3 different themes/gifts. For 2019 we are continuing our workshop sessions focusing on specific Gifts given by the Holy Spirit.


Brand new for 2019 we have seminars that will focus on the environments we can live Spirit-led lives - whether you are at school, college, university or work. These seminars are to help us be inspired in how we live out our faith & God's gifts in our everyday.

Spirit-led lives at School

We understand it's sometimes hard to live out your faith in school, what will your friends think? How will they act if they find out you are a Christian?

This seminar will tackle how you can be led by the Holy Spirit in your everyday at school, whether in the class room or during breaks.

Spirit-led lives at University

You've moved away from home and now find yourself living the university life, completley free & can do what you want! This can often be the most tricky time to figure out how to live out your faith.

This seminar will tackle how you can be led by the Holy Spirit in your everyday whilst at uni in a way that is genuine to you & your personality.

Spirit-led lives at work

So you now are working, in an apprenticeship or just living life. How do we life Spirit-led lives in our work places, with our colleges & even our boss?!  

This seminar will help you access the everyday situation in which you work, learn how to hear the Holy Spirit & be ready to follow His nudges, whatever they may be.



What is Prophecy? Why is it important?

Why does the apostle Paul highlight it as one of the most important gifts given by the Holy spirit?

This workshop will help you to discover the gift of prophecy & how we are to use it today. There will also be a time of enabling to help you discover the gift of prophecy for yourself.


How do I pray for healing? Can the Holy Spirit use me to heal others? What happens when people don't get healed straight away?

This workshop will help you to explore the gift of healing. There will also be time for enabling & praying for healing. We will be creating time & space for us to lay hands and ask God for healing.

words of knowledge

What is a word of knowledge? Is it different to prophecy? How do I know if it's from God or from my own head?

This workshop is designed for you to discover the gift of a word of a knowledge, how to recognize God's voice in our everyday. There will also time set a side for some practical off-site local treasure hunting. 

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